Hollow Metal Doors

Standard hollow metal doors are 1-3/4″ thick and are painted with a prime coat suitable for painting. They are made of channel-reinforced steel sheets and filled with a polystyrene, kraft honeycomb, or polyurethane core.

With hollow metal doors you receive superior performance in terms of durability and strength compared to alternative materials. They can withstand more abuse and are much easier to maintain than wood or aluminum doors. As a result, metal doors have the lowest overall total cost of ownership compared to any other material.

We provide a full line of metal doors for new and retrofit construction projects in institutional, industrial, and commercial markets. We only provide hollow metal doors from manufacturers who meet the strict guidelines of the Steel Door Institute (SDI).

Carrying Steelcraft hardware prep locations, but we also offer replacement or retrofit doors with hardware prep locations from all manufacturers, including Mesker, Ceco, Curries, Old Republic, and Pioneer.

Single Hollow Metal Door

Single or Double Hollow Steel Doors

Commercial double hollow metal doors are available in a various amount og sizes. Hollow Metal Doors are perfect for commercial buildings due to cost and durability.

Find the single hollow metal door you need in addition to glass, louver and fire-rated options by starting your door quote today!

Double Hollow Metal Door
Metal Door with Full Glass Lite Kit

Glass Lite Kits

Offering a low-profile lite kit for 1-3/4″ thick hollow metal or wood doors, providing visibility and light transfer between rooms. The kit includes tempered, insulated, wire, or clear pyran glass, tailored to your specific needs.

Hollow Metal Doors with Louvers

When extra air flow in a specific room is needed, adding a louver to your wood or metal door is an excellent choice. 
Louvers can provide air ventilation between rooms when door is closed while still providing privacy and security.
Hollow Metal Door with Louver

In-House Commercial Hollow Metal Doors Fabrications

We are equipped with a full service welding & fabrication shop! Making Doors Unlimited Shop your top choice for it’s one-stop-shop advantage.

We offer custom hardware prep, welding, sidelites, transoms & borrow lites as well as windows.