Wood Doors

Doors Unlimited Inc takes pride in providing their customers with a wide selection of wood door options to choose from, available in a variety of wood species and sizes. 

Elevate the style of your space with the clear pre-finished birch, clear pre-finished red oak, unfinished natural birch, clear pre-finished natural birch, or primed hardboard doors. You have the option to customize them with a glass lite kit, louvers, or fire ratings, to suit any specific needs or requirements.

When it comes to commercial wood doors, they are highly sought-after for their exceptional value in the commercial door industry. These doors are commonly used for interior applications in commercial buildings, and in fire rated door openings due to their cost-effective approach to handle fire ratings up to 90 minutes.

This makes them an excellent investment for property owners who are looking for high-quality and durable doors that will last for many years to come.

Single or Double Wood Doors

Solid wood doors provide durability, insulation, and easy maintenance for commercial buildings.

The easy maintenance and repairability of solid wood doors means that they have a longer lifespan than other materials. If you want to invest in your commercial building, consider solid wood double or single doors.

Wood Doors with Glass Kits

Offering a low-profile lite kit for 1-3/4″ thick wood doors, providing visibility and light transfer between rooms. The kit includes tempered, insulated, wire, or clear pyran glass, tailored to your specific needs.

Commercial Wood Doors with Louvers

When extra air flow in a specific room is needed, adding a louver to your wood door is an excellent choice. 
Louvers provide air ventilation between rooms when door is closed while still providing privacy and security.
wood door with louver

In-House Commercial Hollow Metal Doors Fabrications

We are equipped with a full service welding & fabrication shop! Making Doors Unlimited Shop your top choice for it’s one-stop-shop advantage.

We offer custom hardware prep, welding, sidelites, transoms & borrow lites as well as windows.