commercial hollow steel metal door frames


Designed for institutional, commercial and industrial applications Doors Unlimited provides a full line of hollow metal steel frames for virtually any wall condition or entryway requirement. Check out the commercial door frames we are offering.

Although we stock Steelcraft hinge locations, we have the ability to procure other hinge location frames in days, not weeks. 

Knock Down (KD) Metal Door Frames

A knock down metal door frame is easy to assemble and used for commercial/industrial spaces. Made of metal, it is sturdy and wear-resistant. It comes in pieces and can be easily assembled on-site, lowering transportation costs and saving time. Screws and brackets hold it together and it can be adjusted to fit the door’s size.

Knock Down Metal Door Frames
Welded Metal Door Frames

Welded Metal Door Frames

A welded metal door frame encases and supports a door, providing durability and resistance to wear, weather, and heavy use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It’s fire-resistant, secure and ensures proper functioning and safety of the door system.

Hollow Metal Transom Frame

A hollow metal transom frame supports windows or doors above openings. It consists of a horizontal transom, two vertical posts, and is hollow for easy glass installation. It’s commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings for safety and sturdiness.

Hollow Metal Transom Frames
Hollow Metal Sidelite Frames

Hollow Metal Sidelite Frame

A hollow metal sidelite frame is a robust type of door frame for narrow windows, made of steel or aluminum with an interior cavity for wiring. Standard sizes and finishes are available, or customization is an option. Ideal for commercial or industrial settings for durability and ease of installation.

Hollow Metal Borrow Lite Frame

A hollow metal borrow lite frame is a commercial door frame made of steel with a hollow center, making it lightweight yet strong. It’s ideal for fire-rated doors as it can withstand high temperatures without warping. It’s popular because it’s versatile and easy to install, coming in different sizes and designs to fit different doors. Often used in public buildings like schools and hospitals, it’s ideal where security and safety is a top priority.

Hollow Borrowed Lite Frames

In-House Commercial Hollow Metal Doors Fabrications

We are equipped with a full service welding & fabrication shop! Making Doors Unlimited Shop your top choice for it’s one-stop-shop advantage.

We offer custom hardware prep, welding, sidelites, transoms & borrow lites as well as windows.