Labeled Fire-Rated wood or steel doors play a critical role in keeping people safe and help minimize property damage during a fire. 

Wood labeled fire doors control the spread of fire and smoke for up to 3 hours, wood for 90 minutes. 

Add glass for sightline which allows a building to be evacuated safely. PYRAN® Platinum fire-rated glass-ceramics are certified by Underwriters Laboratories for fire-protection ratings up to 90 minutes.

Fire Ratings for Commercial Doors

There are four or five ratings commonly used.

There are 20 minute, 45 minute or “C”, 60 minute (wood doors only) or 90 minute, also called “B”, and 3 hour or “A” (metal doors only).

Non Fire Rated
20 Minute Fire Rated
45 Minute Fire Rated
60 Minute Fire Rated
90 Minute Fire Rated

Commercial Fire Rated Wood Doors

Fire doors must be self-closing using either a door closer or spring hinges. Hinges must be steel bearing type. Kick down door holders, rubber wedge holders, chains, etc. may not be used on a fire rated assembly. 

A fire door may be held-open with an electro-magnetic holder or other approved assembly tied into the building fire detection system or with an integral fire detector. 

Fire doors must be self-latching using an approved latching device. Push/pull handles are not allowed. 

In most applications you are not permitted to use a deadbolt in combination with another latching device since this would hinder a quick escape.

In-House Commercial Hollow Metal Doors Fabrications

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We offer custom hardware prep, welding, sidelites, transoms & borrow lites as well as windows.